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MA programme

The Institute of Psychology offers a program of studies leading to a Master’s Degree in Psychology, which aims to:

  • provide graduates with knowledge about current theories, research and methodology relevant to psychology;
  • make students familiar with skills concerning certain areas of applied psychology;
  • broaden the psychological knowledge of graduates by giving insight into other sciences related to psychology;
  • enhance creative and critical thinking.

It is a full 5-year M.A. Program in psychology. To graduate, students are required to complete:

  • psychological courses - at least 270 ECTS credits;
  • non-psychological courses - at least 20 credits;
  • Physical Education (for regular students);
  • student internships (100 hours).

To graduate, it is also necessary:

  • be able to speak English at at least the B2 level;
  • for students from abroad - to speak Polish at at least the B2 level;
  • be able to defend the M.A. thesis.

The psychological courses are divided into three levels:

  • level A (obligatory, 1st and 2nd year) - consists of introductory, basic and general issues;
  • level B - broadens the knowledge covered in level A; provides theoretical background for the so-called specialisation paths - groups of courses concerning a certain field of applied psychology;
  • level C - detailed, professional and specialisation courses.

Starting from the 3rd year, students freely choose courses from levels B and C offered in the catalogue, to earn the number of ECTS credits required in a given year of study.

Non-psychological courses can be chosen freely from the course catalogue, as well as from those offered by any Department of any public university, academy or other public tertiary school.