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Erasmus+ Coordinator – Institute of Psychology:
Erasmus+ Coordinator – Faculty of Philosophy:
International Students Office

All the necessary information concerning your mobility (nominations, application procedures, deadlines, registering, etc.) can be found here: 

Remember to send your Learning Agreement (LA; ‘Before the mobility’ part) to our Erasmus+ Coordinator in the Institute of Psychology ( at least three weeks before the start of your mobility. It should be already accepted and signed by you and your home Erasmus+ Coordinator. Upon your arrival in Kraków, you may introduce changes to your LA. Changes should be made within the first five weeks of the mobility and accepted by both Erasmus+ Coordinators. 

Please note that Erasmus+ Coordinator in the Institute of Psychology is authorized to sign only LAs, therefore please send all the other documents (e.g., Letter of Acceptance, Transcript of Records, Confirmation of Stay, etc.) to the International Students Office:  

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Selecting courses
Updated list of courses offered by Institute of Psychology can be found above.
You can choose as well one of two modules offered for Erasmus+ students by Faculty of Philosophy, which the Institute of Psychology is a part of:
As an Erasmus student you can also choose courses offered by other departments and faculties of our University
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To get any information about those courses and their availability please contact the relevant Erasmus Coordinator (you will find the complete list of departmental coordinators here:
If you speak Polish you may also choose courses taught in Polish. Those offered by the Institute of Psychology are enlisted here:
All the courses can also be found in the USOSweb catalogue:

Registration for courses
Registration for Erasmus+ students in the Institute of Psychology usually takes place in September (for the winter semester) and in February (for the summer semester). If you are affiliated to the Institute of Psychology, you will be notified by e-mail when registration starts and how to register. You will need your USOSweb account to register, please note however that there might be different ways to register depending on the course type (with or without admission limits, dedicated for Erasmus+ students or open for all students, etc.), and that if you want to register for courses offered by other department of the JU you should contact the relevant department. Please note also that some of our courses have limited places, so some kind of candidates selection might be needed - registering for the course does not mean that you are already accepted and enrolled. Please check your e-mail often, follow the announcements on our webpage, or contact the teachers directly to get all the selection rules details. 

Linking courses in the USOSweb
Please remember to link all your courses after the registration - otherwise you will be automatically removed from the course (please follow the instructions on USOSweb).

Until the end of the registration you can change your decision and unregister from the courses in the USOSweb. However, when registration is closed and you are already accepted for the course, you cannot unregister by yourself - you need to contact the teacher directly to get their acceptance for your withdrawal, and then forward their e-mail to our office ( You can unregister only during the first two weeks of the semester.

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You will find the updated list of courses offered by Institute of Psychology here:

For courses with no admission limits please contact our office ( For other courses offered by the Institute of Psychology please contact the teacher directly to get their acceptance, and then forward their e-mail to our office ( Please note however, that as an "outside" student you can enroll only if we have free places.

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