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Ongoing Research Projects

How Frustration of low and high order needs Affects extremism and radicalization vs. cohesion and prosociality

Principal Investigator: dr Erica Molinario

The dual function of metacognition: the interplay between regulation and monitoring

Principal Investigator: dr Marta Siedlecka

Is it fake? How meaning, attention, and emotions shape perceived authenticity of photojournalistic photographs

Principal Investigator: dr hab. Michał Kuniecki, prof. UJ

Overcome the nocebo effect with the placebo effect. The use of learning processes to reverse nocebo hyperalgesia

Principal Investigator: dr Elżbieta Anita Bajcar

Un(learning) pain by consequences. Development of the learning of placebo effects

Principal Investigator: prof. Przemysław Bąbel

The dynamics of personal control: When does lack of control lead to effort mobilization vs demobilization?

Principal Investigator: dr hab. Marcin Bukowski, prof. UJ

Balance Model of Goal Switching: From Multitasking to Extremism

Principal Investigator: dr Ewa Szumowska

Behavioural and neuronal estimates of response inhibition in the face of conflict – a study of bilingual population

Principal Investigator: mgr Patrycja Kałamała

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on engagement in solving collective problems

Principal Investigator: dr Katarzyna Jaśko

Effort processes in Cognitive Dissonance reduction. Motivational Intensity Theory perspective

Principal Investigator: Paulina Szwed