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Important information about the start of OB23a and OB23b: “Life in two languages"

Dear Students, Both OB23a and OB23b will start online.

As per current ordinance of the Rector of Jagiellonian University, the lecture format (OB23a) will continue to be held online until the end of semester, unless there are new regulations in place, so stay tuned.  

The seminar class (OB23b) will start online but will move to the ‘onsite’ format since March 15th.  

Please, make sure to attend the first class tomorrow!  

For those who are already registered, you should have access to a team on the MS Teams platform. For those who registered only recently, here the codes:  

OB23a: team code: i0wx64u or link 

OB23b: team code: 9f32v8cor link 

The first class is tomorrow - March 1st.

With best wishes, dr hab. Zofia Wodniecka-Chlipalska, prof. UJ