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Information for Erasmus Students

Dear Student, if you came to the Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University, for an Erasmus+ or another exchange, please read the information about how to proceed in the coronavirus situation.


Please note that all the classes in the buildings are at the moment cancelled and given as obligatory e-learning classes. This is until march 25th, however it is highly probable that it will be extended at least to half of April.

Please keep checking your university e-mail inbox, where you are going to get all the necessary information about how to proceed with e-learning. If you did not receive any info on e-learning procedure within a week, please contact your teacher first (via email).


Please, remember about your health and safety during the period of coronavirus epidemic. Wash your hands frequently. Don’t touch your face and keep the physical distance to people when in public places. Avoid extensive interpersonal contact, especially in bigger groups. Preferably stay home and do not travel. If you notice you have the symptoms of virus (a fever and coughing), stay home and try to contact a medical doctor via phone first. It is also good to keep calm, since the virus usually is not dangerous for young people, but it is important you do not pass the infection on other people.

Please, accept an advice not to make any quick decision on coming back to your country of origin or traveling to any other place. It is generally more safe to stay home and not to travel at the moment. If you think about coming back to your country in this coronavirus situation, please discuss it with your exchange coordinator at your sending institution, with your family, or if necessary contact your embassy to get an advice, before you decide and plan the journey.

If you need any further information or support, please contact Weronika Kałwak, an Erasmus+ coordinator at the Institute of Psychology, via email: