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Prof. Marcin Szwed awarded

The Polish-US Fulbright Commission has completed the selection process for the Fulbright STEM Impact Award 2022–23 and Fulbright Senior Award 2023–24. Professor Marcin Szwed is one of awarded scientists.

Fulbright Senior Award is a grant for scholars who hold, at a minimum, a PhD degree and are employed at higher education or research institutions in Poland. Aim of the grant is to conduct a research or research and teaching project in USA.

One of the Fulbright Senior Awards 2023–24 will go to Prof. Marcin Szwed from the JU Institute of Psychology. For six months, he will work with Prof. Christopher Baldassano in his lab at Columbia University in New York. Prof. Baldassano is a leader in studying the human brain with naturalistic stimuli, such as movies and video games, and his lab has developed game-changing analysis tools. Taking advantage of how brains respond to these naturalistic stimuli, these tools can reveal hidden neural dynamics. ‘I want to employ them in the pursuit of my own lab’s overarching research questions about the nature and function of sensory-deprived areas in deaf and blind humans. I believe that their application can lead to important breakthroughs. My goal is to master these tools while at Columbia and then transfer them to Poland and make them a cornerstone of my lab’s methodology for the upcoming years. I also want to use my stay in the United States to build connections between the Polish neuroimaging community and the East Coast neuroimaging community that will result in bilateral student and postdoc exchanges, new common research projects workshops, and conference symposia’, said Prof. Marcin Szwed.

The Polish-US Fulbright Commission is an educational foundation, which administers the Fulbright Program in Poland. We also run an EducationUSA Advising Center, where Polish students can receive information and advice about studies in the U.S.

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